Tour de Dubai

 Brunch Dubai style last night led to another slow start this morning. Tom cooked a stellar breakfast and a splash in the pool  which helped clear our (Alex’s) heads. We were hoping to catch the end of the cycling tour of Dubai,  we discovered as we left the apartment building that the road outside was closed and a few minutes later the peloton whizzed past!
The next stop on our site-seeing trip was the Dubai mall, which bizarrely is the world’s most visited tourist site. Very surreal as it literally is a massive shopping centre (complete with giant aquarium, waterfall and spectacular fountains). It is also a maze, we managed to escape several hours later after blowing our entire budget in Waitrose. Who knew it could be so expensive to eat tomatoes in the middle of the desert?

Next stop, Bangkok. One extreme to the other. Oh, and Alex wants me to tell you all how much he enjoyed the blaring Brittany Spears album in the taxi last night (that’s what happens when you go and watch the rugby and leave me to write the blog Alex!). 


One comment

  1. Sophie · February 6, 2016

    Mega lol. Wish I were there xxx


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