6.30AM. A beautiful hazy sunrise in the desert before our flight to Bangkok. A faultless journey from the point just after Louise left the passports on the airport floor. A few seconds of panic at the check-in desk put us back on track. 

We were welcomed in the immigration line by two singers on a stage. Both in captain’s uniforms. Both would make for interesting also-rans in the next X-factor. Welcome to Thailand. 

A super-speedy train into the centre of town left us nowhere near our hostel. Definitely should have remembered a map of the city. We refused one taxi driver at 250 bhat, choosing another who found most things genuinely funny. Cutting up the car behind, our language gap, cutting up the car in front, traffic lights. All hilarious. 53 baht or a pound later and we were within walking distance of The Cozy Bangkok Hotel.  A few locals helped us down an alley with a car mechanic, a candle-lit new year celebration and snoozing residents inside 200 yards. It’s a lovely place to stay with one huge towel and one tiny towel each.  We both picked the larger and showered before realising they were intended to be bed sheets. Oh. 

Fantastic food on the side of the road for dinner. Spicy, lots of garlic, noodles and prawns. The waitress laughed at us for pronouncing the beer as Leo not Lao. So plenty still to learn, like our way around Thai dessert.  First impressions are fruit salad with coconut juice but no ingredients you’ve ever seen before. Tasty, nonetheless. 


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