Good Morning Saigon!

Another long day on a hot bus yesterday travelling to Saigon; both of us suffering from a spot of food poisoning. We blame the sun-baked chicken sandwiches we ate on the boat. They tasted suspect at the time but we had nothing else to eat so forced them down. With hindsight being hungry for a few hours would have been preferable! The Pnom Penh hostel was a bit of a nightmare room with a red tinted glass door, no windows, lots of noise and a rock solid bed. We are not so sad to leave Cambodia behind, and agree we should splash out a few more dollars on a hotel from now on.  
I am now sitting in an air conditioned coffee shop haven (I am 24 hours behind Alex on the road to recovery) while Alex does a recce on the bike scene. Despite reading the warnings we managed to get in a scam taxi where the meter went up ten times faster than it should. We switched to a recommended brand. Although London is more expensive I am missing the honesty and fixed prices. Being on your guard all the time is exhausting!

It’s Tet here or New Year, a two week holiday and party in Vietnam. The city is adorned with yellow flowers and pictures of snowmen saying merry Christmas – a bit bizarre when it’s so hot. The roads are teeming with scooters driving in every direction and always beeping. Crossing the road is rather daunting. Don’t worry (parents!) we are going to get a train to the outskirts before beginning our cycle. Vietnam is much cleaner than Cambodia and more developed. However, we still see many women squatting in the road selling food.

I braved the heat to move between three different coffee shops while Alex took scooter taxis to search for bike shops. It’s more of a thrill than any roller coaster back home, probably thanks to the real possibility of a mishap. More on cycle shopping and the short but chaotic cycle back to the hotel later. We hope to feel better soon as we’re itching to get cycling.


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