Day 27: Sunday 80 km.  The final leg into the capital Hanoi. 

There was no evidence of Easter here but that wasn’t surprising. It was a nerve-racking final cycle through the city suburbs, a continuous road of markets, houses, people and buses which began as soon as we left Hoa Binh. The standard of driving fell steadily and was the worst we have encountered. I had no patience with it after being up in the night with a vomiting bug. On any other day we would have taken a rest but we had a target to meet so we soldiered on. It was a relief to arrive in one piece and fall into bed.  

We have found an NGO that donates bicycles to poor school children so our bikes will go to a good cause. My sore bottom is not sorry to see them go but I do feel a little nostalgic that the routine is broken. No new roads to explore today.  It will take some time for the achievement to sink in. Before our trip I hadn’t spent two days in a row on a bicycle. Now we’ve covered 2,000 km. In the meantime I want pizza and sleep!

The real holiday starts now with a 3 day boat cruise around Halong Bay before we fly home on Friday.



  1. Clare · March 29, 2016

    Well done, an achievement of a lifetime! What can you do to beat this one?


  2. Peter Bell · March 30, 2016

    Congratulations on your achievement! Magnificat in every way! You should sell your blog to a newspaper to recover the cost of your vacation. It really is compelling to read every day! We are sitting in the Sunshine at our hotel in Cyprus, simply chilling out. Looking forward to meeting you both as arranged, when we get back to the UK this weekend. Lots of love! XxxxD


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